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Awards Ceremony for Verified Macedonian IT Products and Services

The Chamber for Information-Communications Technology and Services during the Union of Economic Chambers of Macedonia granted certificates for Verified Macedonian IT Products to 15 different IT companies from Macedonia to stimulate the development of their high-value products and services and to contribute to the digital transformation of processes not only in the private sector but in government institutions as well. One of the companies that received a certificate is our company BIS for the product NextSolution ERP.

The event was opened by Trajan Angeloski, the president of the Economic chambers, the guests were greeted by Prof. Dr. Ace Milenkoski, Rector at the University of Skopje, and Prof. Dr. Nina Najdenova Petkova from the University of Telecommunications and Postal Services in Sofia.

The Minister of IT Society and Administration, Azir Aliu also held a speech at the awards ceremony of Verified Macedonian IT Products together with Prof. Dr. Orce Simov as the president of the Chamber of Information-Communications Technologies and Services at the Union of Economic Chambers of Macedonia, congratulated and granted plaques to the Macedonian companies for the quality, meeting high standards and the creation of their unique products which offer them competitiveness on local domestic and global international markets.

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